15 Things To Do If You Are Failing A College Class

You may fail a class the first time (or two), and that is ok. It is common. To get your degree or whatever you are going for, you will need to pass all of your classes. There are things you can do to improve your grade.

1. Have a semester without the class, so that you can study it on your own and be better prepared the next time you take it.

2. Take tutoring for it. Many college offer tree tutoring.

3. Become obsessed with it; study it as often as possible.

4. Talk to your professor. Find out when their office hours are and visit them then.

5. Take E.C. if it's available.

6. Do your homework as soon as possible so that you have time to get help on it if you need it.

7. Do all of your assignments, even the optional ones.  

8. Attend every class.

9. Take easier classes with it.

10. Stick with the class, even if you are failing, you have to pay for it anyway.

11. Ask the teacher what will be on the tests and quizzes.

12. If the teacher has a review, write down all the questions and answers that they go over.

13. Sit next to someone who understands the class.

14. Put together a study group.

15. Take fewer classes with it next time.

Do you have any other tips? Leave a comment!

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