12 Things To Do When You Are Bored With Your Look

1. Try a different clothing style.


Try a Gothic style

Try a preppy style

Try bohemian style

Try a nautical style

2. Copy others.


Copy a celebrity's style/outfits

Copy a movie/tv character's style/outfits

Copy another country's fashion

3. Pair clothes that you ordinarily wouldn't pair.


Mix prints

Wear a monochrome outfit

4. Wear something that you are slightly uncomfortable wearing.

5. Wear something that you have never worn before.

6. Raid a thrift shop for inexpensive, unique clothing.

7. Paint your nails a different color.

8. Cut your hair.

9. Color your hair.


Dye your hair an unnatural color like blue

Dye your hair a natural color like red, blonde, black, or brunette

10. Try a new hairstyle.


Braid your hair

Curl your hair

11. Get a piercing.


Get your nose pierced

Get your ears pierced

12. Wear jewelry in new ways.


Put rings on necklaces

Wear a necklace as an anklet, bracelet, or head piece

Wear a choker as an upper arm bracelet or an anklet

Wear an upper arm bracelet as an anklet

13. Get temporary tattoos or henna.

Mr Kate sells some cute temporary tattoos, or as she like to call them, beauty marks.

Link: https://shop.mrkate.com/products/beautymarks-the-new-makeup-doodles

Henna shops can be found through google, or you can be adventurous and buy a henna mix at the store and do it yourself.

What do you do when you are bored with your look? Leave a comment!

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