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29 Blog Tips

This post is in celebration of my blog's first birthday!!!

I have learned so much from blogging and reading other blogs. My blog looks much more professional than it did a year ago. Here is a list of the things that I have learned.


1. ALWAYS check spelling and grammar.

2. Take your own pictures, make sure that they are of good quality; they make the blog more entertaining.

3. Have an easy to find follow button.

4. CUSTOMIZE as much as possible.

5. Your blog needs a strong and interesting TITLE. It is the first thing people see.

6. PATIENCE, you need lots of patience. Your blog will slowly grow.

7. Posting consistently will help you gain readers.

8. Your blog needs to be relatable (at least a little bit), informative, real, and personal.

9. Have a FONT that is easy to read.

10. Choose your blog name well because changing it can be confusing for your followers.

11. FOLLOW yourself so that you can see exactly what the viewer sees.

12. Keep a running list of blog ideas, so that yo…

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