11 Ways to Organize Your Closet

Can do just one way or multiple ways

1. By last worn
2. By dressiness
3. By season (long sleeve, 3/4 length, short sleeve, tank top, etc)
4. By where it is worn (school, work, etc)
5. By solids and patterns
6. By warm and cool colors
7. By type of clothing (skirts, shirts, dresses, etc.)
8. By length of clothing
9. By material of clothing
10. By color of clothing
11. By style of clothing (bohemian, gothic, nautical, business, etc.)
1. Tallness of shoes
2. Length of heels
3. Type of Shoe
4. Color of Shoe
5. Type of activity shoe is for

My closet is organized by type of clothing, then by color of clothing, then by prints and solids, and lastly by dressiness of clothing. My shoes are sorted by color, tallness of shoe, and type of shoe, My heels, boots, snow-boots, bedroom slippers, and flats are separated.

How do you organize your closet? 

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